i enjoy being trendy from time to time.

i can’t help it. i have a big ole crush on the ever so trendy lucite.

lucite | for the love of design

images one, two, three, four, five

  1. Anna - Canoe Design says: December 27, 20112:53 pm

    What a great post. Those bar stools are great – the mixture of lucite, chrome wheels and metallic seats are wonderful.

  2. Susan says: December 28, 20119:52 am

    I do too…but it’s not really “trendy”, since it was huge in the 1940′s. It is just having a resurgence, and everything is cyclical. I love it & will keep it in my 1940′s home forever! ;)

  3. salha says: January 1, 20129:11 pm

    I love the decorations in those photos and also the see trough chair have been on my whislist very long time! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime! Thecabinetoffashion.blogspot.com

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