my best friend got engaged over the holidays. i am so happy for them i could burst. she’s really the first person close to me that i will be able to help plan a little bit of the big day. now i have an excuse to pin fun wedding things!

i couldn’t help but become obsessed with yolan cris’ 2012 bridal collection, lumiere. how amazing is that styling?

yolan cris 2012 wedding gown collection | for the love of design

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  1. Chrystina says: January 11, 20121:14 pm

    Wait, you need an excuse to pin wedding things? Hm… I must have missed that memo. I think I’ve had my profile since 6th grade. I saw a commercial for it on Lifetime and that was that. Now I feel that I should clarify, I’m not obsessed, but it is fun to go through dresses every so often :)

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