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february snuck right up on me.

january has been a whirlwind of emotions, mostly good ones. i’ve actively been searching for inspiration this year due to some changes i want for my life in the upcoming months. i’ve recognized in 2013 that if i want big things to happen, i have to work on an equally big scale. i interviewed someone yesterday who was originally from the southwest and mentioned that she loved it here so much because midwest people are the nicest and are always willing to help. while that’s definitely true (i may be a bit biased), it got me thinking about the blogging community. i love being part of a group of talented men and women who genuinely encourage and help one another. i mean, isn’t it the greatest?

a few things that lit a spark in me this week:

a gorgeous print by oh my deer + pennyweight

sprucing up some projects for my portfolio – some of my work was lost in the tragic external drive wipe, so it’s been frustrating but also a fun challenge to be able to create and recreate this week.

one of my favorite instagrams and now blogs, paris in four months

bre is a rockstar and posted this awesome tutorial for making the most out of your facebook page. it may finally be time for ftlod to head to facebook.

i’ve never attended alt, but megan wrote a beautiful post that resonated with me and so many others. the clarity she brings to such subjects through her writing continues to amaze me.

the beginning really is that hardest part, isn’t it?

a collection of logos from stitch design co. – their work blows my mind in the best way.

a blog dedicated to spaces adorned with ikea goodies. yes, please!

rebecca atwood’s new site design by small shop and zoe rooney is pretty gorgeous, no?

a find myself drawn to pattern for inspiration lately. especially tribal prints.

what do you guys think of vine? i’m a little torn about the new platform as i am super awkward on camera. but there are several people that i have really enjoyed following this week. it’s fun to finally hear the voices + see the personalities of friends you’ve only met through email and blog posts.

i’ve found a lot of inspiration in getting out with friends and going new places. i feel so grateful to call some great ladies my friends and to live in a place with so much to offer. this photo was taken at party arty this past weekend.

happy friday to you!

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  1. Becca says: February 15, 201310:48 pm

    Thank you so much for linking to my new site! I hope you have a great weekend.

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