kristofer johnsson | for the love of designi’ve been thinking a lot lately about my formal training in the fine arts. was school something you enjoyed? i can’t remember if i actually appreciated it in the moment, but i miss it more than ever now.

i’d give just about anything for that 10-minute 10 pm walk down lover’s lane (that was the street name, no joke!) to my empty studio space. death cab for cutie and copeland carried me through many late nights in the studio and still remind me of charcoal stained fingers, 32 ounce diet dr. peppers and sheets of newsprint the size of my body. i’ve romanticized those moments in my head and can’t help but long for an extra bedroom to turn into an amazing space for getting my hands dirty.

these still life shots by photographer kristofer johnsson remind me of one of my very favorite classes i took in college. i’ll be honest, still lifes weren’t exactly my forte, but that was where i fell head over heels for canvas and oils.

kristofer johnsson | for the love of designso much of graphic and web design is inspired by others’ design work on the internet these days. anyone can buy the adobe creative suite, watch a few tutorials and take a stab at designing a logo without any kind of degree. and many succeed in doing so.

this may be stemming from too many long, consecutive days in front of a computer screen, but i’ve had a hard time feeling completely fulfilled with the graphic aspect of design lately. it was those uninterrupted moments in the studio that i was creating, making a mess, staying up until 5 am, sketching and painting and repainting that i felt most inspired and alive.

with that being said, this weekend is for:

  • experimenting with my new lens (!!!)
  • dusting off my gauche
  • disconnecting from the internet + getting outside + getting inspired
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