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my friends and i love a good themed party. i turned 25 yesterday and my sweet friends threw me a 90′s themed birthday bash over the weekend. it was an ode to our childhood, to saved by the bell, boy bands, scrunchies and dr. martens.

my jewelry collection has grown into a bit of a nightmare over the years. i actually combed through it in hopes of finding one of those tattoo-like chokers, you know the ones. thankfully, i had nothing that dated that far back, but i did find a whole lot of interesting and bold pieces from my teenage years. i went through a bohemian stage in my late teens. lots of wooden beaded necklaces and over-sized earrings.

my jewelry style has evolved into something a bit more classic recently. i’ll be honest, i sometimes forget to put jewelry on at all and when you have a closet full of neutral clothes, things can start looking way boring. so i stick with simple, no hassle jewelry. the kind that i can throw on in 30 seconds and get out the door looking put together, but not too put together, you feel me?

studs are so versatile. they pack well (you should see how many are currently hiding in my purse), they’re generally less expensive than their larger, dangling relatives and they are the perfect accessory for spring.

1 / the royal bazaar emerald studs 2 / pave heart studs 3 / sparkling center studs 4 / alanna studs 5 / starburst earrings 6 / morgan stud earrings in green 7 / sky pave disk studs 8 / sunbrust studs in rose 9 / sally stud earrings in mint

  1. Angel Y. says: March 12, 201312:09 pm

    Buying more studs is definitely a goal of mine for the year! I just need to find a neat way to store them. I absolutely adore the second pair. They are gorgeous!

    • rachael adele says: March 12, 20134:10 pm

      i have a large hanging jewelry holder with clear pockets that just fits on the back of my closet door and that way i can see them all and grab a pair quickly. it may not be pretty, but it works like a charm! ;)

  2. Lo says: March 15, 201312:39 pm

    These are all right up my ally. Love it.

  3. emily // the object enthusiast says: April 15, 20134:55 pm

    love all of these! i hope your birthday was wonderful – just like you! can’t wait to see you soon!

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