palm prints: a collection

palm prints | for the love of design
maybe this is me in need of a vacation, but when i came across this sydney home tour, i immediately wanted to run out and buy all things printed with palms. this is shocking, even to me, as i’m mostly never drawn to bold pattern in interiors.

i HAVE been known to rock a graphic pant every now and again, so i’m considering going for these seriously cute joie shorts. instant west coast vacay every time you wear ‘em. i like the sound of that.

palm prints: a collection | for the love of design

1 // milly iphone 5 case
2 // martinique wallpaper
3 // tropical palm pillow cover
4 // joie merci shorts

  1. Corina Nika says: May 3, 20139:26 am

    I’m in love with crazy with this particular print. It made me make a moodboard all about it!
    And really loving your blog dear, i’m following with bloglovin to keep up with your posts


  2. Shayla says: November 6, 20132:24 pm

    At first glance I thought that was you!

  3. Terisia says: December 31, 20139:15 pm

    I’m somewhat in the same mood! I’m so tired of the cold weather that anything that looks tropical I migrate to. Love your blog!

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