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i know that furniture posts are not usually the kind of stuff i post here and i have been posting a whole lot of them lately. i apologize, but it has constantly been on my mind lately. i am going apartment shopping this weekend and could not be more excited!! yes, the kind of excited that calls for two exclamation points. anywho, i thought these chairs were super fun.

on another note, i feel like i should be doing something really spontaneous and different and memorable today. it is a leap day after all. do any of you have plans to do something crazy?

chairs | for the love of design

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i can’t help but love the geometric shapes i’m seeing pop up everywhere. especially in the form of black and white. susanna vento’s portofio is lovely and full of geometrics.

susanna vento | for the love of design

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i want to accessorize my home with a few dozen of these gems. they might have the best names in all of furniture naming history. the moon table can be nested and they come in the most wonderful colors. when it comes to interiors, i tend to choose a pretty neutral color palette, but i could definitely see myself using one of those pink moons to spice things up a bit.

moons & noodles | for the love of design

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hello again my dears. i hope your weekend was a beautiful one. mondays always call for a large coffee and a little blog reading to start my week off in a good way. the new urban outfitters lookbook made me so excited for the warmer days of summer. it’s a little vintage and very fresh and i’m loving everything about it. cheers to you urban. you really know how to make a girl happy on a monday morn.

urban outfitters lookbook | for the love of design

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don’t they? there is a special corner of my heart reserved for chairs. really chairs of any kind. these ones from anthropologie especially. and they would look so nice with some of the brilliant furniture over at mullen van severen.

these belong together | for the love of design

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the gals at desire to inspire blogged about having a little photographer crush on paul raeside and after looking at these puppies i knew what they were talking about. they completely stole my heart. enjoy!

paul raeside | for the love of designpaul raeside | for the love of design

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i had the day off yesterday and spent some time doing a little furniture shopping. i am getting the itch more than ever now to move in to my own place and to start decorating a home of my own. i purchased this rug, among many other things, a few weeks ago during my trip to dallas and i am now looking for the perfect sofa to pair it with. any suggestions would be marvelous.

actually, veronica swanson beard just called and said i could move into her home. i wish. isn’t this the chicest, antiminimalist greenwich village home you ever did see? siiigh.

veronica swanson beard | for the love of design

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last week i got myself a cynthia rowley purse and let me tell you – i am so in love with the style/color/quality/space. she is one of my favorite designers and turns out she has a breathtaking home and two young daughters with cool style and even cooler names (kit and gigi). take a little peek into the rowley home here at the glow.

cynthia rowley | for the love of design

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