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10 favorite things about the holidays with susan from fleurishing

1. freshly cut christmas trees

2. seasonal music-mostly classics

3. holiday festivities, aka PARTIES!

4. the feeling of community

5. gift giving and beautiful wrapping

6. comfort food + cookie pants

7. decorating at home

8. time with family + friends

9. a white christmas (when it happens…fingers crossed)!

10. traditions old + new

fleurishing | for the love of designfleurishing | for the love of design

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happy monday, everyone. this time of year is my absolute favorite and i know that many of you feel the same. i thought it would be fun for some of my sweet blogger friends to share with you what they love about their own holiday season experiences and traditions. and hey! you can join in the fun too by leaving your list in the comments and/or using the hashtag #10things throughout the week.

10 favorite things about the holidays with gaby of the vault files

1. Baking Austrian cookies, which is a tradition in my family.

2. Staring at the Christmas tree late at night while sitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate!) and said cookies ;)

3. Wrapping gifts and giving them!

4. Christmas music, I love Christmas songs!

5. I would lie if I didn’t mention opening gifts on Christmas morning ;) We (my 3 brothers and I) used to leave a pair
of shoes by the tree so that “Santa” could know where to leave our gifts ;)

6. The overall mood of joy!

7. Admiring holiday decor everywhere you go.

8. Checking out the windows at The Bay which are especially decorated for the Holidays.

9. Christmas morning brunch, which is something we started not long ago, but that we love to do with our friends. Is a very relaxed and casual day. This year we are watching movies all day and apparently the dress code is PJ’s! ;)

10. Even though we don’t decorate too much, I love taking out the few things we have, they do put a smile on my face :)

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blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. – matthew 5:4

i had a post planned for this morning, but it seemed a bit irrelevant and meaningless after the tragedy that struck our country yesterday. my heart is so heavy with grief for the hurting families and friends of the victims.

although i don’t have children and i have never experienced a personal tragedy as great as yesterday’s, it has affected me no less. i cannot remember a day in my life filled with a deeper sadness than this one. i will never understand this kind of evil. all we can do is pray a thousand prayers that these families will find peace and never again miss a chance to tell the ones in our lives that we love them.

on a different note, i’d like to fill you in on what will be happening here on the blog next week. i have a few personal projects & new post ideas for the new year that i will be working on. i have several wonderful and talented guest bloggers that will be taking over ftlod to share the things that make them the happiest around the holidays and i know that you will absolutely love them!

i hope your weekend is full of so much love. see you back here on monday, friends.

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image found here. pin palette images can always be found on my pinterest

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christmas tunes: a collection

christmas music is a huge part of my life every december. in the past i’ve been in charge of finding new christmas music for the fam to listen to each year. i love discovering new songs by favorite artists, but there is a special place in my heart for those christmas albums i’ve grown up listening to. spotify has made this so darn easy for me this year. i love that i can add both old and new songs to one big christmas playlist and have it going all day long!

like any other music, it depends on what mood i’m in and what situation i’m in that determines the tunes. here are some of my favorites, some new and some old.

1 // vince guaraldi trio, a charlie brown christmas – for sunday morning pancakes + crosswords – who doesn’t love a charlie brown christmas movie? it’s classic. i’m a big fan of the instrumentals in this album and it is an all around family favorite that always gets played during sunday breakfasts.

2 // seabird, over the hills and everywhere: a christmas ep – for singing loudly in the car – this one is fairly new to me, but i have fallen so hard for the title track that i may or may not listen to it year round. the album is upbeat and puts me right into that holiday spirit.

3 // james taylor, james taylor at christmas – a holiday dinner party with friends – my dad always had james taylor playing in the house when i was growing up. his music is calming and would make the perfect backdrop for a night in with friends.

4 // michael buble, christmas – for decorating the tree with a loved one + a bottle of wine – mr. buble’s album has become a christmas staple around these parts. his dreamy voice is the perfect soundtrack for decking the halls. this was the first one i listened to this year!

a few honorable mentions:
frank sinatra, a jolly christmas from frank sinatra
mariah carey, merry christmas
sufjan stevens, songs for christmas
casting crowns, peace on earth
nsync, home for christmas

do you have christmas music that you pull out year after year? i would love to hear what you grew up listening to around this time of year!

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styled | for the love of design

it’s been a few days since i’ve posted, but you know how nutso things can be this time of year. yesterday was our first full-blown midwestern winter day and it kind of caught me off guard. turns out, i don’t have gloves. my knees made driving to work possible.

my office holiday party is this week, which makes the reality of christmas being two weeks away SO real. when it gets this cold, it’s a good idea for me to plan certain nights out so that i’m forced to get out of the comfort of my warm little apartment and socialize. staying in is just so tempting when it’s 16 degrees out, ya know? however, these pants are a pretty good excuse to say yes to a night out on the town.

1 / nars lipstick in red lizard 2 / emerald studs 3 / artist v-neck tee 4 / essential contrast lapel blazer 5 / contempo life sequin pants 6 / metal trim envelope clutch 7 / goodwill to everyone letterpress cards 8 / lollipop pump 9 / with love wine & jules point bottle stopper

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toast christmas 2012 | for the love of design

i’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that christmas is only 20 days away. don’t ya feel like the older you get, the faster time goes by?

i try my best to savor this time of year because it’s my faaaavorite. the end of the season can really sneak up after a month of shuffling parties, shopping, wrapping up work projects, shopping some more, traveling, etcetera etcetera. let’s slow it down a bit. let’s watch the holiday and sit by the fire in candy cane socks and drink spiked cocoa with mr. buble EVERY DAY.

let’s also look at amazing christmas lookbooks and hope that santa brings us everything inside them. how beautiful is toast’s holiday lookbook? i’m hoping for these pj’s in my stocking this year.

toast christmas 2012 | for the love of design

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pin palette | for the love of design

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image found here. pin palette images can always be found on my pinterest

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