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blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. – matthew 5:4

i had a post planned for this morning, but it seemed a bit irrelevant and meaningless after the tragedy that struck our country yesterday. my heart is so heavy with grief for the hurting families and friends of the victims.

although i don’t have children and i have never experienced a personal tragedy as great as yesterday’s, it has affected me no less. i cannot remember a day in my life filled with a deeper sadness than this one. i will never understand this kind of evil. all we can do is pray a thousand prayers that these families will find peace and never again miss a chance to tell the ones in our lives that we love them.

on a different note, i’d like to fill you in on what will be happening here on the blog next week. i have a few personal projects & new post ideas for the new year that i will be working on. i have several wonderful and talented guest bloggers that will be taking over ftlod to share the things that make them the happiest around the holidays and i know that you will absolutely love them!

i hope your weekend is full of so much love. see you back here on monday, friends.

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florida | for the love of design
1. begin packing approximately 6 hours before your flight.
2. do NOT check the weather under any circumstances. pack according to your hopes and dreams.
3. forget one (or all) of the following: toothbrush, shampoo, socks. you can always bum off of your sister who is a type a, organized, overpacker.
4. make sure to bring at least 5 varying colors of nail polish. choices, people.
5. pack everything interesting in your checked bag so that you are forced to play “bejeweled blitz” on your airplane-moded phone for three hours and twenty minutes.

so, i’m a miserably bad packer. i was hoping to make all of my friends jealous with a sweet out-of-season tan last week, but it was uncharacteristically cold in orlando. i packed three swimsuits, but probably should have packed a winter coat instead. it was semi-nice one day and i forced myself to lay in the sand for a least 4 hours. but alas, no luck with any sort of color on my body. most days i was layered up in my (smart + prepared) mother’s clothing. but despite the chilly wind, we made the best of our week.

florida | for the love of design
there is no better feeling than having an entire week off from work to do absolutely nothing if you so choose. i’m so thankful for opportunities that allow me the time to focus on what i want next in my life, both personally and professionally.

this blog is a special place for me and i am hoping to make it an even more special place for you to visit in the new year. i have a really great series coming up in a few weeks with some of the sweetest and most talented bloggers and i cannot wait to share it with you!

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happy thanksgiving | for the love of design

happy turkey day, friends! i’m celebrating a bit differently this year, as we’ve never been away from home for a holiday. it’s going to be a little strange eating out instead of spending the entire day in the kitchen. but i can’t complain, the weather is beautiful here and i have my family and the macy’s day parade, of course!

i hope your thanksgiving is full of good food and great company!

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friendsgiving | for the love of design

to my friends:
you guys sure are special. i really enjoy eating off of turkey plates and discussing eyebrow maintenance with you. i think i’ll keep you.

to the clean laundry that has been sitting in my dryer for over a week:
fold yourselves. that is all.

to you, coffee:
thanks for keeping me awake most mornings. and for keeping my hands warm when it’s 62 degrees in the office. you’re a real gem.

to friday:
i love you with all my heart. thank you for coming around once a week.

and to florida:
i’ll be seeing you soon, big guy.

friendsgiving | for the love of design
friendsgiving | for the love of design

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bachelorette style | for the love of design

this weekend was a good friend’s bachelorette party. we lived for themed date parties in college, so it seemed only appropriate to dress in our favorite decade attire for this event.

remember when i told you in this post that my mom is really great at sewing costumes? yep, jan made that poodle skirt for me in under a week. it was extremely comfortable and looked pretty fantastic as i twirled my way around the dance floor, if i do say so myself. i only wish i had more excuses to wear it again.

it’s been a while since the last time my friends were all able to get together in a big group like this. it was such a refreshing weekend.

the temperature decided to do a 180 from saturday to sunday, so i spend most of my day yesterday curled up in a blanket with tea and netflix. cold weather stresses me out, so i am looking forward to being in florida in a little less than a week!

did you all have a good weekend?

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daily dishonesty | for the love of design

are these not the greatest? i think at some point we all tell ourselves a little white lie to get us through the day. today mine would be “a cookie is a totally acceptable and healthy breakfast choice”.

are you looking forward to anything in particular this weekend? i have a bachelorette party to attend (my first ever, can you believe it?), so things could get a little nutty.

thankful for:
my loving + talented mama for sewing me the cutest costume for said decade-themed bachelorette party (you’ll want to be following me here to see this gem!)
small signs of christmas emerging all around my city
that the elections are finally over
wedding invitation i’ve been working on are in my hands and [nearly] ready to be shared
vacation is right around the corner – bring on that warm floridian weather, baby.

happy weekend, friends!

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thankful for | for the love of design

yep. weekend time. i hope your week has been a manageable one. i’m celebrating a good friend’s 25th birthday tonight over sushi and tomorrow marks the beginning of christmas shopping. i like to start early, mostly because i’m impatient and excited but also because i don’t want to be overwhelmed during my favorite season. do you have anything planned this weekend?

it’s november, which is often the month associated with giving thanks, so i may be posting my thankful fors a bit more often than in the past. if you do something similar on your blog (or feel like starting), leave a link in the comments so i can read!

this week’s thankful for:
safety. often something we take for granted and can also be something out of our control. i don’t personally know anyone living on the east coast, but the tragedy of this week’s events has me heart broken for all those who have lost things that are precious to them in the storm.
good friends who make me laugh
handmade cards every holiday from my mom
this reccomendation for faux-leather leggings by megan. i have been scouring the interwebs for weeks trying to find the perfect pair. crossing my fingers and toes my h&m has these in stock today. stay tuned.
christmas socks.
the opening of kansas city’s crown center ice terrace today.
revenge. if you are not currently watching this show, subscribe to netflix and get caught up immediately.

photo sources: one and two

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halloween | for the love of design

halloween officially kicks off the holiday season for me, giving me the excuse to bake anything involving pumpkin, shopping for gifts (most everyone in my family has holiday season birthdays) and listening to the occasional christmas song (until thanksgiving when i can actually get away with full playlists).

my parents have always made sure holidays are super special. my mom went above and beyond to handmake the majority of our costumes when my siblings and i were young. i think i mentioned last year that for the longest time i had no clue you could even BUY halloween costumes in the store! silly me. in the spirit of halloween, i thought i’d share with you a few of my favorite trick-or-treating memories here just for fun.

wishing all of you a happy halloween!

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