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my body is at a desk coding away, but my mind is already at the pool with a margarita in hand (okay, in reality it’ll be a green juice from bpc). it’s supposed to be one gorgeous weekend here in kansas city and i plan on taking full advantage. my brother is back from dc, my sister is back from dallas, and my mom is back from manhattan. i can’t remember the last time my family was all together, so i am excited for that.

it will be a quick and bittersweet reunion as my brother and sister leave for school on sunday. my baby sister has her first year of college ahead of her. while i am so excited for her to start this new chapter of her life (and long to be in her shoes), i still feel like i’m losing my best friend. the tears are forming as i type. i think you might have to belong to the oldest sibling club to experience these weird/crazy emotions over an event such as this.

lately my family has gone through a lot of changes and will continue to do so in the coming year or so. while i am not the greatest at adjusting to change, i know it is for the best and it makes me so thankful for the people in my life, the opportunities i have been given and the ones that lie ahead. so here is to new beginnings!

and perfectly sunny weekends!

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can we all agree that this is such a good duo? their collaboration includes photos, illustrations and writing on a train journey from paris to shanghai.

when i was overseas for a semester, i truly had a love-hate relationship with trains. the idea of travelling via train was quite romantic to me. i loved how fun it was to sit directly across from friends to chat the whole trip. and some of the most beautiful places i’ve ever laid my eyes on were from a train window. many times the trains were also a bit stressful for the ignorant tourist (the italian train workers went on strike pretty much every other week – not good for planning trips) and not speedy enough for the impatient american (we probably made 50 stops between florence and rome).

the images on the selby have me reminiscing about all of the good things about travelling by train. look at that sunset!

the selby and louis vuitton | for the love of design

i wish you all a fun and relaxing weekend!

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1. moonrise kingdom is, in fact, the most awkwardly awesome movie ever. big fan.
2. i actually like froyo that does not involve peanut butter or anything with the word “cake” in it (i was all about the lemon + coconut this weekend).
3. it is okay to like pink as a 24 year old. no need to be ashamed.
4. the new madewell store is a fantastic place to spend my paycheck.
5. there are a whole bunch of gorgeous + fabulous bloggers in the kansas city area.
6. shellac manis rule. i get my nails done once every like… 7 years. this shellac stuff is a total game changer for girls like me who are constantly picking at her nails due to nervousness/thoughtfulness/sheer boredom.
7. i have some pretty fantastic friends.
8. my hair curls! like actually curls and then stays curled. what a glorious way to put off getting a haircut for another year.

i haven’t given you any print-tastic posts in a very long time. i could not pass up showing you the work of yours is the earth. their wedding line fresh love is a perfect combination of beautiful type + illustrations and the most wonderful textures + paper choices.

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i fully embraced all things food in dc. calories don’t count on vacation, right? my brother made reservations for us at a few of his favorite snazzy places around the city, but some of my most memorable eats were the ones we experienced while wandering the streets and picking a place spontaneously. i had my first shroom burger accompanied by the most heavely peanut butter shake at shake shack. i have a thing for milkshakes. especially ones involving peanut butter. this place got two thumbs and two big toes up. i also ate crumbs cupcakes in bed; one of my finer life moments.

and i basically used the 200 degree heat as an excuse to eat ice cream multiple times day (see here for more details). big sisters know best, so the sibs followed suit, obviously.

dc part two | for the love of design

here’s part one if ya missed it. have a beautiful weekend. and a milkshake why don’t ya?

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let me preface this by saying i have been to d.c. before. i was around 17 and the very last place i wanted to be was halfway across the country, away from my friends with my parents. needless to say, that trip was pretty much fun for no one involved.

a lot of times i feel like i need to make it up to my family for the joy i sucked out of many of our experiences. i wish my parents could have come to dc this time around, but me and my sister made the trip to visit my brother who currently has an internship there.

i love this city. everything about it. i loved that there was so much to do every day. i loved that the people seemed so active and healthy. i loved that there was so many good places to eat. i loved that the city was so clean. hell, i even loved taking the metro.

dc part one | for the love of design

the first day we did a lot of mindless wandering. some of the streets were blocked off because of holiday events, so we made it over to the white house for a quick touristy photo-op and ducked inside the national aquarium for a while, mostly for a/c purposes. i went through three outfits on the first day. holy toledo it was hot. and when you’ve packed up your life into a teensy little carry on, that makes you a little nervous for the four days of vacation you have left sans washer and dryer…

i did not look cute on this trip. it was tennis shoes and hair up for this girl. lots of sweating happening, so most of the pictures you’re going to get is of the fabulous attractions in dc, not of the unfortunate state of our appearances.

we watched fireworks by the capitol that night, officially making that my most favorite july 4th in my 24 years of existence. round two is coming atcha tomorrow with a recap of my favorite places we went + ate.

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i’ve been pinning a little more lately. i came across these two images and thought they were a good pair. that first one there reminds me of my desperate need for a haircut. i have a friend that tells me it grows 5 inches between each time she sees me, every time she sees me. and i can’t help but agree with her. it’s getting long, you guys. and heavy. but it’s the whole awkward i-hate-my-hair-for-three-weeks-after thing that has kept me away from the scissors for over a year now (ughh i know!).

and yes, this post is entirely about my hair, which i am sure has enlightened and inspired each and every one of you to do great things with your day. so what say you? haircuts: love ‘em or hate ‘em?

i will be back later today with the first installment of vacay pics. hooray!

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here’s a little recap of my life lately. do you follow me on instagram already (@rachaeladele)? if so, i apologize for the monotony. june was full of really good things. first off, it was the kick off of wedding season and who doesn’t like weddings? secondly, i have been counteracting my sweet eating habits with running lately and that is always a good thing. and thirdly, july is here and i am off to dc for the holiday. have a beautiful independence day!

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i’ve been thinking a lot about art lately. i have several empty frames (actually there are some really happy people in them, they just happened to come as a package deal) just hanging out on my shelves. i also have a closet full of empty canvases and trash bags full of paint tubes. and to be quite honest, they’re getting preeeetty dusty.

my favorite courses in college were my illustration and painting classes and i am just a little unsure as to why i quit doing the things that i love the most. my graphic/web design jobs require me to be in front of a computer and it seems that i just forgot about all of the other mediums out there.

one of my favorite memories of college was late studio nights, headphones in and completely zoning everything out, just getting my paint on. i’m going to break out the paints after i get back from vacation and i kind of can’t wait.

do you have anything planned for the holiday? i think you should do something you’ve been missing for a while, too.

have a great weekend guys and gals. i’ll see you back here on monday. hey, while you’re here check out these oh-so-beautiful room portraits, why don’t ya?

room portraits | for the love of design

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