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gold: a collection | for the love of design

it’s been a few weeks since my last collection post, so i thought i’d bring it on back with one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. and that, ladies and gents, would be anything and everything in the shade of gold. i’ve decorated my apartment with mixed metals and as we enter the holiday season i am keeping that in mind when purchasing christmas decor. this collection is the perfect mix of holiday party attire, accessories for the hostess’s home and gifts for a good friend. gold looks extra festive during the holiday season, but what i love so much about it is that it can transition into every day life after the holidays are over. how ’bout that!

1 // z gallerie morton skull
2 // kate spade starlight drive april handbag
3 // alice + olivia anders cropped cargo pants
4 // zara home steele leather decorative pillow

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i spent last night making handmade cards and strawberry whoopie pies with pretty neon pink sprinkles for some special people. what plans do you have for this day of love?

valentine's day | for the love of design

hope your tuesday is extra sweet today.

all photos by rachael adele

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i wear candy cane and christmas tree socks for the whole month of december, so you better believe i’ll be dressed in my brightest shades of pink on valentine’s day. All these wonderful spring colors are popping up everywhere and are making me want to go on a serious shopping binge this weekend. what’s on your wishlist this valentine’s day?

valentine's day wishlist | for the love of design

one, two, three, four, five, six

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i have an overwhelming amount of amazing blogs that i try to keep up with each day. there are so many creative and talented people out there! if you are looking for some valentine eye candy, here are a few links to some of my absolute faves.

link love | for the love of design

1 // might be taking some tips from these beauties and throwing a valentine’s day girl’s night in.

2 // a pop up flower shop by saipua & nicolette camille and the most gorgeous images over at freutcake.

3 // the cutest photoshoot of a couple in lurv. that ombre cake is ridiculous.

4 // yum! valentine’s day pancakes from camille styles. dinner tonight?

5 // have you always wanted to learn how to dress up your wardrobe with heart-shaped elbow patches? today is your lucky day!

6 // i happen to have an obsession with with romantic imagery and anything that sparkles and i pin ‘em here.

image found here

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this time two years ago i was celebrating valentine’s day in venice. i mean, really, how do you top that? a certain unknown man in my future is going to have a lot to live up to. just kidding (kind of).

italy is one of the most magical and romantical places i’ve ever experienced. i studied there for 5 months and never before have i seen so many so many public make out sessions. i mean stop-in-the-middle-of-the-street-drop-the-grocery-bags kind of make of sessions. and you want to hear something really crazy? more times than not, you could find the man carrying his significant other’s purse. when these people love, they love hard. and i love that.

do any of you have a valentine’s day experience that trumps all others? or more importantly, are you involved relationship where your significant other carries your bag for you?

italy | for the love of design

all images by rachael adele

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i love christmas tunes with all my little heart. i like to sing along, too. i love all kinds of christmas music, but there are some songs that give me the warmest and happiest feelings in the world when they come on my ipod. i thought i would share a few of my favorites with you today, so you have a whole month to be filled with christmas joy. happy listening!

christmas music | for the love of design

if you have any holiday favorites, please do share!

photo found in an email from jcrew

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i have never been one to jump out of my bed at 4 am and run to the nearest store to stand in line for a black friday sale. i prefer to shop in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure and no crowds. i’ve been looking to buy a dslr camera for quite some time now and i finally made the purchase on my first black friday outing this past week! i couldn’t be more excited to experiment and share some pretty photos with you in the near future!

i had such a relaxing and rewarding holiday. our tree is officially up, and that cute little furball down there hasn’t left it’s side in four days. he loves christmas. we also took some photos for our christmas card. how was your holiday?

family photos | for the love of design

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aren’t these the sweetest? her other work is just as magical.

kathryn whyte illustration | for the love of design

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